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MyCinepass system is a unique, tailor-made web application created by organisers of mainly film festivals. We do not compare with the classic reservation sites intended for one-time sale of tickets for concerts, theatre or cultural events. Our tool in itself combines the most important things that are essential in organizing and course of the "film festival" type of events. We created the system based on many years of experience in the preparation of the biggest film festival in Slovakia - Art Film Fest.

First of all, it is a complex tool for the film festival crew – a common agenda in the system allows each worker to have an overview of the progress of preparations and the status of specific activities of individual components.

The result of part of the data entered in the system is already an output in the form of a reservation system for visitors to a relevant event. The system allows visitors to purchase online Cinepasses and also single tickets to specific screenings. Of course, it is easy to book films for purchased Cinepasses electronically, without waiting at registration points.

Information about the actual and also preliminary utilization of the capacities of the premises will always be available. Information you need for organisation are also used in the reservation system and therefore do not need to be copied to other vendor systems. All data in the system are organized in a table and can be exported to Excel at any time. We know that the preparation of the festival is a team effort and our system makes your team more efficient.

Contact us at the e-mail address and we will be glad to answer all your questions, or arrange a meeting with you.

If you want to try the system, let us know, we will be happy to set up a test account for you, where you can try yourself how it works.